Honda presents the new Bulldog concept

With Osaka Motor Show approaching fast, Honda unveiled another concept bike to the public. The new motorcycle has been baptized as the Bulldog. Not to be confused with the Bulldog roadster from Yamaha as the two are different in every aspect possible.


More and more manufacturers are coming lately with curious and intriguing design concepts and Honda is no outsider in this aspect. The new Honda Bulldog is powered by a 400cc parallel twin engine and will benefit from a six speed transmission. Design wise, the Bulldog resembles somehow with the NC 700/750 range. The Bulldog’s wheels look adapted for some harsh terrain but in the other hand it looks like the bike will be fitted with 15 inch wheels. It seems to be a crossover between an NC 750x and a small pocket bike with some scrambler touches here and there all designed by Mad Max.


Honda states that: “The Bulldog promotes a new world of leisure with motorcycles. The model was developed with the concept “Lovable Touring Partner.”

Also Honda puts an accent o practicality with a low center of gravity and plenty of room to hang luggage and other camping gear.

We said it plenty of times and we will say it again. We really appreciate that manufacturers are coming more and more with unique and diverse concepts. If the engine will develop a fair amount of poke, the Honda Bulldog has big chances to be the perfect country tool.

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