Ignite Straight Six – Bavarian Rōnins

Two custom made BMW K1600 GTL were presented at the Osaka Motor show by BMW Motorrad Japan and they sure were in the attention of the press worldwide. The Ignite Six Project was born from the hands of Kenji Nagai from Ken’s Factory and Keiji Kawakita from Hot Dock Custom Cycles.


Japan has a huge market in the custom world and both were carefully chosen by BMW. The outcome of the Ignite six needs no words and can truly show what can be achieved with passion and dedication.



The Juggernaut from Hot Dock Custom Cycles is a motorcycle that looks inspired from the Fall Out post apocalyptic video game. Combining both futuristic and Steam Punk Elements, the Juggernaut weights around 348 Kg and measures 2.5 meters long. Keji Kawakita said that due to the electronic complexity from the K1600 his freedom of expression was somehow restricted and that his goal was to build something unique that looked designed somewhere in the 19th century. But form is not the only asset of the Juggernaut as the bike is still capable of reaching 200kph.


The Factory Special from Kenji Nagai come with a different approach but at the same intense level. The motorcycle has a more bare bones attitude and a full aluminum look. It combines both classic lines with futuristic touches and has a full solid aluminum 20 inch rear wheel. Even the seat is made out of aluminum. Nagai stated that it’s easy to make a bagger from a tourer so therefor he adopted the ,,digger’’ style with narrow lines and long fork.




One thing is for sure. Both bikes really stand out from the custom crowd without to much problems.

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