Mash Adventure 400 – Light weight travel


Many preferred adventure bikes today are on the heavy side of the category. But can you really travel around the world with a low budget light weight machine? Mash Adventure 400 says you can! And coming fully equipped with gear that other manufacturers tax you for can really launch the Mash  up there with the big boys.


The Mash 400 is a half French half Chinese mini adventure that is equipped quite well as a standard as every adventure tool should be today. It comes with a tall screen, aluminum 35 liters side cases, hand-guards, and weights 151kg with no fluids. The fuel tank has an 18 litters capacity and theoretically should give you a decent autonomy. The single cylinder 400cc engine develops around 29bhp and can  take you anywhere if your are not in a big hurry. It also shares the ,,must have’’ beak that all serious adventure bikes benefit from.


The Mash Adventure 400 will cost around €5490 and will be available only in one color combination: black and grey.

One other aspect needs to be taken in to consideration. The bike will be assembled in China, This doesn’t mean is a bad thing, but if you are truly interested in the Mash Adventure 400 you may want to take a better look at the build quality.

One thing is for sure. Mash is offering a lot of equipment for the money and this alone makes the Adventure 400 a real bargain that deserves a closer look.

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    1. Hello Gavin, Mash motorcycles is now available in the UK, you can contact them directly following their official website. Good luck!

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