Suzuki V-Strom 1000 to benefit from a Variable Valve System

Suzuki is working on a a variable valve system technology for its 1.000 cc V-Twin engine, according to the patent published by the company in Japan. If the technology will hit production, Suzuki will be the next manufacturer after Ducati to put the variable valve technology on a street bike, after Ducati and its 1200 Multistrada 2015.


We don’t know for sure which is the engine in the patents sketch, but it looks like the 1.000 cc one. According to Suzuki, this technology will improve buy diazepam 10 mg fuel efficiency by 20% and give more torque. How does it work? The valve lift acts different, according to the rpm. At low revs, the valve lift and acting angle are smaller than at high revs. This should improve smoothness at low rpm and create power at high rpm. The first signs of Suzuki’s variable valve system first appeared in 2004, but it seems that this time the project is in a very advanced stage, so we could see it soon on the street.


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