Yamaha announced the 03GEN-f and 03GEN-x concepts

Yamaha just announced the 03GEN-f and 03GEN-x concept three wheeled scooters. The two prototypes are based on the already known Yamaha Tricity.


Both concepts have the same leaning feature that the Tricity benefits from and they can be a real joy to ride around town. In fact they are built based on maneuverability and safety.

If the Tricity had a more elegant appeal, the 03GEN-f and the 03GEN-x come with new radical approaches. The 3Gen- X features more classic lines with some scrambles touches. Having spoke wheels and rounded headlight, the 3Gen- X really looks apart.


The 03Gen-f looks like it came from the I-Robot movie. With aggressive headlights that have the Yamaha’s sport bike appeal and angular shape, the 03Gen-f is a real Sci-Fi machine.

Both scouts are in the concept phase and we don’t know if they will ever be produced in large numbers. With these the 03GEN-f and 03GEN Yamaha continues to show the world that they are a serious and daring company and that they are not afraid to bring new designs in the spot light.



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