Lorenzo: I lost half of my vision

Although finishing 4th in Qatar, Jorge Lorenzo stated that helmet problems were the main cause for loosing the battle for the first place.

Lorenzo stated that even though Ducati had a stronger breaking speed, he and Rossi could win time in corners. And if Rossi managed a great performance, bad luck struck Lorenzo.


Lorenzo: ,, To be honest, I thought that I could win the race, though it surely wasn‘t going to be easy, because Valentino had a very strong pace at the end of the race. I was feeling better and better, but suddenly there was something wrong when in the top part of the helmet the foam came loose and came down so I lost half of my vision. I couldn‘t see the corners very well and couldn‘t concentrate or ride like before and I was losing half a second or more per lap. In a race where, at minimum I could fight for the win, I finished fourth’’

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