New KTM Duke 250 and RC 250 to enter Japan

KTM is attaching the Japanese market with two new small capacity motorcycles. A 250cc Duke and a 250cc RC. With this engine capacity, KTM is on par with other Japanese manufacturers.

Now the new 250cc bikes are essentially the same as the old ,,baby’’ bikes from KTM but with some small internal differences. Both the Duke and the RC can be found in the 125cc, 200cc and 390cc category and they share the same frames, wheels and body panels.


Power wise, the new bikes sit between the 200cc and the 390cc versions. The 250 class will develop 31bhp and a maximum torque of 24Nm at 7250rpm. For Europeans, Americans and Australians this move sounds a bit too much as there were already three small capacity motorcycles built for the street/track. But in Asia, small capacity bikes are quite popular so this could be a smart move after all.

Giving the fact that that the old bikes had quite a positive impact, we think the 250cc Duke and RC will be quite a hit as well.

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