Adventure riding preparation: tips and tricks

Long distance motorcycle traveling has exploded in the last 15 years and more and more manufacturers are coming up with large touring machines that can travel from continent to continent without to much effort. But packing for a few weeks or months can be challenging when so many things are needed for a perfect trip.


  • But before packing, a good, capable and comfortable motorcycle is needed. You won’t go very far with a 125cc bike. And even if you do, you will surely find your kids in college by the time you are back. A minimum 650cc twin should do the trick. Heated grips and a small 12V socket would complement the bike perfectly. Also the motorcycle needs to be checked before leaving. Tires, brake pads, internal engine components, fluids and electrics need serious inspections, especially for intercontinental trips.
  • When traveling across several countries, especially in remote areas, outdoor camping is inevitable. A good robust waterproof tent is a must. Also a small but warm sleeping bag needs to be inside your cases.


  • Waterproof matches and a flint stone would also be necessary for camp fires in cold nights.
  • A small flashlight with spare batteries should be close to reach in case something goes wrong during night rides or if papa bear decides to sneak in the forest behind you.
  • A small dish and a metal cup is also indicated in case hunger becomes an annoying issue, especially in remote areas.


  • Also a flare gun could come in handy in different situations and many countries allow the use without any special papers.
  • Don’t take to many clothes with you. Pack strictly by calculating distances between places where clothes can be washed. Avoid leather equipment as textile is much easier to clean and dry.


  • A rain suit is also highly recommended. Even in deserted arid areas it rains from time to time.
  • A small tool box is also a must have. In case of snapped chains, flat tires or electric problems, the bike needs to be striped quickly. You can put the tools next to a flat tire repair kit.
  • A rubber band and some copper wire can make miracles in desperate situations. Also make sure you have at least two superglue tubes.
  • As maps are less used nowadays, don’t forget to update your GPS with the latest maps.
  • First aid kit should contains at least one kind of painkillers.
  • Spare tires, front an rear can be mounted on the top case. As space is limited, you could also fit them with additional things that you need to reach fast.


  • Careful with the camera gear! A small high end camera could have great results as well. You don’t always need the biggest DSLR on the market along with the largest telephoto lens.
  • Always avoid having large amount of cash. This needs careful planing. In many countries bickers have become the perfect target for thieves. It is indicated to have several accounts and cards.
  • A small laptop and an external shock proof hard drive can be also packed but careful with water crossings. There are small waterproof cases for electronics and even though they are quite expensive, they will protect your gear.


  • Also a water proof and shock proof phone is also indicated in stead of a classic smartphone. Dust can be harmful for normal electronics.
  • Finally you would need a person to stay in contact with for the entire trip. In case of emergency, he can be a real guardian angel.








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