Yamaha R1M is sold out in Europe

Yamaha has sold every single R1M 2015 unit available in Europe, despite a 25.000 euros price tag.

Yamaha announced that the R1M 2015 superbike is sold out in Europe, but didn’t say how many units were available in the European Market. Despite that, we’re sure that the new R1M was a real success due to the Ohlins dynamic suspension system, the data-logging technology and the smartphone connectivity. Also, it even looks more exclusive and intense than the regular R1 which cost almost 20.000 euros.

The new R1M buyers will also be a part of „Yamaha Racing Experience“, a track event where the master of ceremony will be Colin Edwards, ex-MotoGP rider.

Yamaha didn’t say if we’ll see another R1M edition next year.


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