Hiroshi Aoyama to replace Dani Pedrosa

Hiroshi Aoyama will race in Austin and Argetina for HRC Team. He will replace Dani Pedrosa who will get through a surgery to fix his arm pump problems. Casey Stoner was refused by Honda.

Dani Pedrosa has a medical issue with his forearm – a build-up pressure which causes great pain because of the muscle which becomes too big and causes great pain. This was the only option for Dani Pedrosa and he will get back in the RCV saddle „as soon as possible“.

On the other buy xanax ireland hand, there are some reports which suggest that former HRC MotoGP rider Casey Stoner wanted to replace Dani Pedrosa, but HRC stuff refused him. Stoner recently published on Twitter the following message: „Sorry to everyone but I am not racing @circuitamericas next weekend, it would have been an honour to ride for @26_DaniPedrosa #NotMeantToBe

There is nothing clear about the message, but it seems that Stoner wanted to replace Dani Pedrosa and he was refused.

Photo credit: MotoGP.com


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