Ducati Multistrada recalled in North America

Ducati North America is recalling 5962 Multistrada 1200 models built between 2010 and 2014. The potential issue for the current recalling is tacking place in the inner sleeve of the opening throttle cable. Acording to Ducati, the sleeve may move and can prevent the full closing of the throttle.


Ducati stated that throttle rotation may become stiffer and this can result in damaging the bike or injury of the rider. A notification will take place and owners will be invited for the remediation of the issue.

It is not clear if the recall will also take place in Europe, Australia or Asia but we sure hope that Ducati will recall all faulty bikes and replace the defective components. So if you are not living in North America and you own a Multistrada, you may want to have this checked out.

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