The Walking Dead Survival Motorcycle

Everyone watching The Walking Dead TV series has noticed in the last episodes a new motorcycle that Norman Reedus rides during the show. Actually, what we are seeing in the show is a pair of two identical bikes built by the guys from Classified.


The bikes were created to look like they were built from scraps with parts from different motorcycles in the post apocalyptic universe of ,,The Walking Dead’’. And as Norman Reedus has a bad ass character the motorcycles had to complement him perfectly. For this, Classified started with two Honda CB750 that were chopped and customized as  Rat Bikes. The inverted front fork comes from the Yamaha YZF-R6.


The Walking Dead motorcycles were built with one requirement in mind. They had to be reliable in order to be able to finish the shooting.


Design wise, the cb750s gained a Scrambler appeal with rugged finish and a rusted paint job. On the back of the bikes we can see four metal pegs used for holding Reedus’s crossbow. With a bike like this and with the attitude of Daryl(Norman Reedus) zombies don’t have the smallest chance. Bring it on!

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