New BMW Scrambler rumors

The latest rumors regarding the BMW Scrambler state the fact that actually BMW will release an entire lineup of Scramblers. And although the Scrambler will be based on the BMW R9T, they will not be equipped with top notch components as the Bavarian Cafe Racer.


The news regarding the Scrambler are not necessarily new but MCN managed to speak with a number of BMW dealers that confirmed the rumors. Also, it is not yet sure if there will be several Scrambler models or just one main model with some other sub variants.

One thing is certain. The Scrambler is going to be accessible. We think is going to be around four thousand euros cheaper than the R9T. But this also means that the Scrambler will not benefit from the same S1000R fork as the R9T. Also the Brembo mono-block calipers and hand finished aluminum elements are most likely to be absent. In stead the BMW Scrambler could benefit from components available on the cheaper F700 GS.


The engine will be the same 115bhp boxer that can be found in all other R models.

We can’t wait to see how the BMW Scrambler will perform against Ducati and Triumph’s versions of the Scrambler machine.

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