Suzuki 600 Turbo all the way

After Kawasaki, now Suzuki is pushing the power boundaries. And for the 600 Turbo Suzuki is going to rely on the Recursion concept that was presented back in 2013.


The Recursion project is a 588 cc concept and was presented by Suzuki in 2013 at the The Tokio Motor Show. And by how things are moving we think that Recursion is going to pass the project phase.

Basically the Japanese manufacturer just came with a design patent based on the two year old concept. With this move, we think Suzuki is planing to release the Turbo in the near future.


With the new design we can see an air intake placed between the headlights. This has the role of letting the air in to the inter-cooler. The turbo charger is placed in the front of the engine, near to the exhaust. This has also the advantage of reducing the turbo lag. The exhaust gas that are spinning in the charger are evacuated with the help of a small pipe located on the right of the bike.


It is quite interesting to see how things are going to develop. Also we can’t help asking ourselves what will be more insane. Kawasaki’s hyper-charger or Suzuki’s turbocharger.


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