Leather vs textile motorcycle gear. What’s your option?

As the motorcycle riding gear offer is widely spread, many new riders ask themselves what kind of motorcycle gear should they buy. There is a strong debate regarding safety level and comfort between the two materials. The answer is quite simple. It all depends on where and how the motorcycle is ridden.


For a sunny track day, a full leather suit is highly recommended. In case of falling a full leather suit can make a difference between having your lunch with the family and sleeping on your belly in the E.R.

Leather suits offer the best abrasive protection from all types of riding gear. It stays perfect on the body and the risk of tearing is minimum. Although a race suit is not designed to absorb heavy impacts with hard objects, it can be the best protection money can buy.


But usually full one piece leather suits are far from being the most comfortable choices out there. Riding in town during the summer means the suit acts like a free sauna.

This is where textile jackets and pants with large ventilation come in handy. Although no offering the same level of safety as the leather gear, summer textile jackets are far more comfortable and do offer some level of abrasive protection at relatively low speeds. Far better than regular jeans.


For riding outside of the town the best compromise is made out of a leather jacket with removable liners and large ventilation. They can be used in both hot and cold water and the safety level is higher than normal mesh jackets. For the legs, textile pants with removable liners and protection would make the perfect choice for longer rides.

But the downside of leather gear is that when riding in rain, leather tends to hold water and its a pain to dry. Especially when riding for long periods of time, it is highly recommended to go with full touring textile gear.


Touring gear, is the most complex riding equipment that can be used for long periods of time it various climate conditions. The versatility means that it can let in large amounts of air, it is usually water proof and has a high level of comfort and protection. There is one catch dough. Usually high end touring gear is pretty expensive.


In the end we are returning to the question. What type of gear should you chose? As the perfect jacket to suit all occasions has not yet been invented, it is recommended to have at least two pieces of equipment if riding implies both in and out town motorcycle usage.

In the end what matters is where you take your motorcycle.


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