Lorenzo: ,, Conditions were not very favorable for me’’

Finishing fourth in the Grand Prix of the Americas and facing bronchitis Jorge Lorenzo stated that the Sunday race from Austin was the best that he could achieved under the giving circumstances.

Lorenzo: ,, For one reason or another the conditions were not very favorable for me. I could be close, but not so much here, the winner of the race, so that when they get the best circumstances for me I think they take advantage.”


Also weather conditions played a major role that was combined with the tires that needed to be conserved order clomid forum thru the entire race.

Lorenzo: “We tried to modify the setting, to put more front weight to save more tire life, and to avoid the graining. Also it was hotter, and everyone goes slower than in practice and I was ill. I was not good. I struggle so much to keep a constant pace and to stay closer to the front guys. I fight a lot in not very good conditions, and we take home, not a splendid result, but it could be much worse.”


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