Suzuki develops new GSX-R 1000

Suzuki is working hard on the new GSX-R 1000 that should be unveiled theoretically in 2016. According to online rumors the new litter bike will benefit from a revolutionary engine based on a variable valve system.

According to this week MCN’s printed edition, the new GSX-R 1000 is set to be launched at the EICMA Motor Show in Milan next year. The new GSX-R will fit in the same ultra competitive class of super bikes next to Yamaha’s New R1.


Getting back to the engine, the variable valve system is set to be one of a kind.The cam shaft buy clomid online ohio will benefit from a irregular profile. A second shaft will control the side movement and with this process, the valves will move the open variable.

The MotoGP inspired frame will hold everything together. Power-wise, the new GSX-R 1000 will probably sit really close the 200bhp mark. Also the bike will benefit from a large number of electronic systems including Bosh’s cornering ABS system, traction control and several riding modes.


What ever will be the outcome, the new GSX-R 1000 will sure give Yamaha a run for its money.

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