What’s up with Honda?

Honda is Honda. This is what every rational motorcycle rider will state hands down. Along the years Honda released iconic names like the Hornet, the VFR or the Africa Twin. It released motorcycles known for its reliability and had some interesting technical implementations like the V-tec while other brands struggled to develop a sun resisting paint.


But lately Honda failed to reach the same level of attention that build its name in the 90s. While the motorcycle market is getting more excited after a decade of stagnation, Honda has a different approach on reaching customers. Despite the long anticipated True Adventure, Honda focused on more tainted machines. First with the NC700/750 series and followed by the development of the 20 years old cb500 class, Honda aimed at a different public. Having reliability in mind, Honda’s bikes are more practical than ever.


But in a world where we can see an increase on performance and style is this enough? Yes, the True Adventure promises to be an outstanding dual purpose machine, but this concept is not out yet. We also have the big CBR range but then again, the sport category is flooded with race bikes. On the cruiser market, nothing new since dinosaurs roamed the earth.


A need for something new

While Scramblers, Cafe Racers and Sport Cruisers are the big hit right now, Honda is playing mister sensible. One CB1100 will do the trick here. But is this enough? Some say Honda has dulled its passion on building cool bikes. Others point fingers on models like the Honda Vultus for its daring Batmobile design. Still we don’t see a counterpart for Kawasaki H2R. We would also love to see a new cruiser range to battle Moto Guzzi or Harley. BMW is to release a new Scambler model to tackle Ducati and Triumph. The CB1100 platform would be perfect for a concept like this.

As a motorcycle manufacturer with so much history behind, Honda really needs invest in new and radical concepts. As the CB500 and NC700 series is welcomed within the A2 category, we think Honda should really do something about those pesky MTs from Yamaha.


As we speak, Honda is one of the best selling motorcycles names in the world, especially because of the Asian market where the demand of powerful and outrageous bikes is small. If Honda will take Yamaha’s recipe with focusing on the US and European market, they could really hit gold.

But first things first. Come on Honda! Give us the True Adventure already!


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