Top 5 songs to listen on a motorbike

Motorcycle riding was always associated with music, especially guitar riffs. Since the early days musicians portrayed motorcycle riding with a rebel approach. Although being quite hard to make such a chart, bellow we have a top 5 of all time tracks that worth listening to on the open road.

Judas Pries – Hell Rider

British metal gods Judas Priest have a soft spot for loud pipes and fast riffs. Statement to this we have the Hell Rider among other Priest songs. Full of attitude, Hell Rider deserves to be listened to at full volume.

Lynyrd Skynyrd – Free Bird

Free Bird has been filled the hearts of several generations with its melodic chorus. Nothing better to accompany you on a deserted road than Free Bird. Lay back and enjoy the scenery! Careful not to get to caught though. A Harley is pretty heavy to pick up.

Black Sabbath – Paranoid

Well, although not strictly related to motorcycle, paranoid serves a full dose of adrenaline, especially when cruising at a high passe. Back in the 70s this was one of the top tracks for the road. To bad MP3s were pure sci-fi back then.

George Thorogood – Bad to the Bone

Well, good song although we have listened to it hundred of times. Being a bit of a cliche nowadays, this classic continues to turn on that bad boy attitude that each and every one of us hides.

Steppenwolf – Born to be wild

You don’t have to be Peter Fonda to enjoy this trcka! From the same category as Bad To The Bone, Born To Be Wild is a statement that inspired generations to climb aboard. Pure Americana at it’s best!

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