BMW teams up with Alpinestars to develop an airbag motorcycle jacket – BMW Tech Air

BMW Motorrad and Alpinestars will reveal airbag-equipped motorcycle gear based on Tech Air MotoGP technology.

The airbag-equipped jackets are used by many riders in MotoGP. Alpinestars and Dainese are the main players, and they came up with Tech-Air and D-Air technologies. The airbag deploys as soon as the motorcycle suit anticipates an accident. And that happens very quick. Alpinestars pretends Tech Air needs just 30 milliseconds to „feel“ the incident and another 25 milliseconds for airbag deployment.

The BMW-Alpinestars range will include several jackets and the first one will be revealed later this year. The jacket will embody a TechAir airbag vest which will protect the rider’s shoulders, back and torso.

But BMW-Alpinestars deal is not a premiere. Last year, Ducati announced a partnership with Dainese to launch a D-Air Multistrada jacket, which connects to the motorcycle (only to Ducati Multistrada) through some sensors. Unlike Multistrada, the BMW Tech Air jackets will have their own sensors, so they could be used on any bike.

BMW also announced about two years ago a partnership with Dainese to develop an airbag-equipped racing suit, but there was no final product. It’s almost for sure that the Alpinestars deal cancels the Dainese one.

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