Top 5 less known Harley-Davidson models

Harley Davidson is best known more for large V-Twins then single cylinders and boxers. Yes, boxers. Here are five less known Harley Davidson creations that saw daylight.


Harley Davidson Topper


Curiosity number one comes from the Topper. Harley Davidson’s first scout. Although coming from the same manufacturer as the Street Glide, the topper suits more on a quiet Italian country road. The HD Topper was produced from 1960 untill 1965 and was powered by a 150 cc two stroke engine. Pizza delivery anyone?

Harley Davidson Topper 06

Model 5-35

The 5-35 is a true classic and comes from the second generations of singles made by HD. It was produced from 1913 until 1918. It was powered by a 565cc engine that could develop an astonishing 5 bhp.


Harley Davidson XA

The XA is truly something that has nothing from the Milwaukee tradition. Being built in WWII for the North African Desert, the XA can easily be mistaken by a BMW any day. The horizontally displaced engine had a capacity of 739cc. It was build only two years from 1942 until 1943.



Harley Davidson Servi-Car

The tow truck of motorcycles, the Servi Car had quite a long career. It was produced from 1932 untill 1974. It was used by Law Enforcements, Fire Departments and repair shops. Not quite beauifull, the Servi-Car had more function over form.


Harley Davidson XLCR Cafe Racer

Although it had beautiful lines and a more European approach, the xlcr was not one of Harley’s big hits. It vibrated a lot, performance was not on par with the design and it suffered from mechanical issues. It developed around 60bhp and could reach 110Mph. None of the less, the XLRC was a beautiful machine to look at.

Harley XLCR 77.

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