Shark Explorer-R review

The Explorer-R is Shark’s definition of all in one. It can be transformed from a full face helmet to a dual sport to a street-fighter styled helmet. We have tested the Explorer-R for around 7000 km in different weather conditions on three different motorcycles. A BMW R1200GS, an old Yamaha 660z Tenere from 95 and on a F800 R from 2015. Temperature oscillated from 3˚C to 27˚C.


Different ways for different rides

The Shark Explorer-R sits in the middle to high end segment. It has an aramid and carbon structure and it screams versatility no matter how you look at it. The wind noise protection is very good and the insulation is quite good. The integrated sun shades are made by Carl Zeiss. No need to say more.

One of the the best things is that all configurations come in the same box without the need to buy extra accessories. On cold weather we recommend to use the Explorer with the integrated visor instead of the Enduro goggles as things tend to be quite chilly. Cruising in the enduro configuration at 130kph on the 1200GS works like a charm. This is also due to BMW’s excellent wind protection. Although being pretty aerodynamic, on the Tenere and on the F800R high speed cruising tends to pull your head of a bit. If you want to fly on the highway just use it on the full face configuration.


Ventilation is excellent, the Explorer-R having three main air intakes.The Anti-fog system works well and the chin wind stopper is quite effective on bikes that don’t offer good wind protection.

You can really feel the air coming thru! Also we can’t ignore the cool factor. Having the helmet in the ,,Steetfighter’’ means that you can use the helmet even if you own a cruiser or a roadster. It simply looks good no matter what you ride! We don’t recommend to use the goggles in town as they tend to narrow the field of view a bit. Is not catastrophic but it’s best to keep this in mind.

Final words

In the end we liked the Shark Explorer-R. Being priced at around 350 Euros you do get a lot for your money! If you are looking for a good quality helmet that can be used in different configurations and that can be used on different motorcycle, the Shark Explorer-R really deserves a closer look.

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