Honda Africa Twin 2015 – First photos

First official photos of the new Honda Africa Twin have seen daylight. The highly anticipated adventure bike from Honda is now entering the final stage before launch. This means that after 13 years Honda will once again have a ,,True Adventure” in the catalog.

Above all, Honda finally decided to replace the ,,True Adventure” name with the CRF 1000 ,,Africa Twin”. With this Honda continues the legacy created by the old XRV 650/750 Africa Twin.


As already known, the XRV1000 Africa Twin will be powered by a 1000cc parallel twin engine in stead of a v-twin. Also, there will be an option for Honda’s DCT transmission. Although joining the fight a bit late, the new CRF 1000 Africa Twin promises to pack a serious punch, especially in the off road department. First models will hit the showroom floors starting this autumn.


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