Victory to race in the electric TT

Victory Motorcycles have announced that they will race in this year’s Isle of Man SES TT Zero electric race. These unexpected news will mark a debut in European races by the American company and a world time premier for electric races.


A big factor regarding this may be the takeover by Victory over Brammo’s motorcycle division earlier this year.

Victory’s Director of Motorcycle Products, Gary Gray stated for MCN that: “Everyone has told us we’re too late to be going to the island, but that just makes us want to do it more,”

Spec wise, the electric Victory will have a weigh of 217kg. Victory claims that a lot of work has been put in the batteries in order to get 355 volts and 17kW hours.


Garry Gray best place order accutane online also states that: “Our bike is built to be competitive at multiple tracks, it’s not purpose-built for the TT, so our greatest strength is that we’re going to be very lightweight, be able to carry a lot of corner speed, and be very nimble. It’s a great-handling bike with very strong braking. Our basic challenge is how much battery we can force into that package. It’s going to be a faster race speed this year, I think it’s going to have to be around 120mph, maybe faster, maybe even 125mph. Certainly from 117 in 2014 to 120mph in 2015 feels about right.

After this daring step, maybe we could see in the near future Victory’s rival for Harley-Davidson’s Live Wire Project.

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