Scrambler boosting sales for Ducati

In Ducati’s back yard things are going swell. For April 2015 sales went sky high with 7,309 units sold. This means Ducati had an increase by 29% in comparison with the same month from 2014. And the Scrambles is the star of the show for the Italian manufacturer.


With three versions available, the Ducati Scrambler was extremely well received by the public. In Italy the Scrambler is already a best seller and it last year it boosted Ducati’s sales by 69%. Also in Spain the Scrambler has helped Ducati to boost sales by 54%. In UK sales were increased by 50% and in Germany by 52% thanks to the Scrambler.


How did Ducati managed this? Well they created a simple machine aimed at younger riders. And to make things more appealing, they launched the Scrambler in three versions : Urban Enduro, Classic and Full Throttle. Also timing was spot on as nowadays Cafe Racers , Scramblers and Trackers are highly popular.

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