Yamaha N-MAX125 revealed

Yamaha just added the N-MAX125 to their scooter lineup. Beside the appealing bodywork the N-MAX promises an outstanding 129MPG fuel consumption. This feature alone makes it extremely attractive for city use.

yamaha-nmax-125-revealed-shows-trick-looks-promises-great-mileage-video-photo-gallery_11The Yamaha N-MAX 125 also scores in the weight department with just 127 Kg wet. This feature makes the N-MAX around 40 Kg lighter than the X-Max 125. Aldo the N-MAX comes with standard ABS, a twin shock rear suspension LED lights and a rubber mounted engine for a vibration free ride. Wheels are 13 inch which is pretty much standard for this kind of vehicle. The big news come from the claimed fuel consumption. Almost 130MPH could be a big asset for commuters, city use, couriers and so on.

Design wise, the N-MAX 125 looks pretty sporty and its on par with other scouts out there.

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