2016 KTM SX-F motocross series revealed

First details about the new 2016 KTM SX-F series have revealed. The SX-F 450’s design resembles pretty much with the 2015 Factory Edition. In comparison with the 2015 Factory, the 2016 SX-F 450 is going to be 7 pounds lighter meaning that it will be the lightest 450 to date.

KTM SX-F 450

The engine of the KTM 450 SX-F is lighter and more compact featuring new redesigned cases and a new redesigned cylinder head chamber. Electronics are also changed for 2016 with a new Launch Control system. The 5 speed transmission is narrower and now features new surface treatment . Changes also include a new WP 4CS fork designed for heavy motocross use, a new lighter aluminum sub-frame, a new swing-arm and new ergonomics. Claimed weight will be around 224.7 pounds.


KTM SX-F 350

The SX-F 350 will have a complete new transformation with new swing-arm, new chassis, new bodywork and some new engine refinements. Also a completely new Launch Control system and a reworked Keihin Engine Management System having a 44mm throttle body will be available. The SX-F 350 will feature new changes regarding the exhaust system, the WP Suspension and and foot-pegs. 5 speed transmission with new surface treatment is also new. Claimed weight is 223.5 pounds.




2016 KTM 250 SX-F

The engine of the SX-F 250 will be lighter with all new redesigned cases. Also the new 250 will be more powerful in comparison with the 2015  250 Factory Edition. As it’s bigger brothers, the 250 SX-F will feature a new Launch Controlm a Keihin Engine Management System, a lighter 5 speed transmission and a New cylinder head combustion chamber geometry. The lighter frame will provide around 20% more torsional rigidity. Sub-frame is also made out of aluminum and is going to be lighter for 2016. Bodywork and ergonomics are also changed. Claimed weight is 223.5 pounds.


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