BMW F800R 2015 Review

The BMW F800R has received its biggest update since it was first launch back in 2009. But despite the new fancy change of look, underneath, the 2015 BMW F800R still resembles with the old model. Motorbikeonly has tested the mid size Bavarian naked through the Romanian country side.


So what’s new for 2015? Well, for starters, BMW has worked on the design of the motorcycle. Following the trend of other naked/roadsters on the market, the F800R 2015 has a new headlight. In comparison with the old traditional asymmetric headlight, the new unit looks more modern and refined. Personally we don’t think the old design was bad. On the contrary, it had that BMW trademark that so many people love.

Handle bars are also new for 2015 though difference is minimum. Other small design changes include new foot-pegs and a smaller seat height although the F800R is quite tall for naked motorcycle. Colors are also new for 2015 and we must say, they look really good. Another small change can be found within the power-plant. BMW states that the engine is now capable of developing 90bhp instead of 87bhp for the old model.


Built Quality

Overall, the 2015 BMW F800R is well made. Plastics are tight and you don’t see flimsy details. Paint job looks good but we don’t know how sun and scratch resistant really is. If we would have to point fingers at something, we would complain about the buttons. They just have a lack of feedback when pressing. Also they seem to have a small play in the control unit. Not bad but no the best out there.



Position of riding for the BMW F800R 2015 is quite natural. Hands and feet seem in place and you don’t feel pressure once you start eating miles. For a roadster however the motorcycle can be a bit tall. Having this said, someone around 1.80cm should feel at right home. Seat is great for long trips but when standing at stoplights, it feels a bit wide between the legs. Again, a taller rider should not encounter problems. Pillion seat is great and well padded and grab-rails are easy to reach. Dashboard is easy to read in direct sunlight and offers a lot of information such as time, fuel and ESA among others. Mirrors work well and they look quite good.


Riding Experience 

Our test bike had all the goodies installed on it including the famous ESA system. For 2015 the F800R comes with three ESA settings: standard, sport and comfort. For an rugged surfaced asphalt, the comfort mode is quite useful. Even with a pillion shocks are absorbed quite well. The sport setting is useful when pushing the bike to its limits on twisty roads. However surface needs to be perfect as bumps can be felt quite hard. The standard setting works best around town. The ESA modes can be switched wile riding.


In cold temperatures the heated grips work wonders. Although there are only two settings, grips are quite effective.

Around town the 2015 BMW F800R really shines. It is agile and can be flicked around narrow spaces without to many problems. Although having 90bhp, the motorcycle really needs high revs in order to get the best out of it. The good part is that it won’t take anyone by surprise. Another characteristic of BMWs parallel twin engine is that it tends to vibrate after 4500RPM. If you feel like riding it hard, you need to keep this in mind.


Wind protection is great for a naked roadster. The over sized fake tank panels offer great amount of protection for legs and speeds around 130kph can be sustained without to much effort. The new headlight beam is powerful and we had no issues in pitch black nights.

Engine roar sounds like no other parallel twin and although a certain lack of character can be felt, noise is pleasant. One think to be kept in mind is that at slow speeds, the engine tends to heat up quite hard. The 90 ponies don’t seem to intimidating and although sometimes you might want more out of it, power is decent for safe overtakes and highway speeds. Fuel consumption was around 4.8/100km.



The 2015 BMW F800R is a great motorcycle that ticks a lot of boxes. It can be used around town and it can be used for commuting. It can by toured by adding luggage and it can be used to e certain degree as a weekend fun machine. But is far from being an MT-09. And although having a more aggressive look for 2015, the F800R is meant to be more of an all-rounder than a hooligan machine.

The big drawback of the BMW F800R is the price. At around 10.600 euros for the full option model it is more expensive than the direct competition. But in comparison with the direct competition, you do get a lot for your money.




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