184.000$ for RCV213V-S’s 101 BHP

Press went nuts when Honda announced the the intentions of building the RCV213V-S and went even crazier when it was finally revealed to the world. But enthusiasm drooped quickly as specs for the limited version of the bike revealed ,,just” 101bhp. This means the limited RCV213V-S delivers less power than a CBR600. And for this you will need to pay…$184.000.

In a world where adventure bikes easily reach +110BHP Honda is playing mister sensible with the limited version of the company’s premium super bike. The street version barley passes the 100bhp barrier with 90Nm at 8.000 rpm. In order to get the best out of the V4, you would need to mount a special race kit. Having this operation performed, the Honda RCV213V-S will scream with all of its lungs and  power output will reach 215bhp.


Of course, power  isn’t everything an the RCV213V-S promises to have an astonishing handling having a weight of 170kg dry weight. Also top shelf components will be present on the bike and Honda claims that the RCV213V-S is as close as it gets to Marquez’s MotoGP motorcycle.

For Europe, the street version will deliver 159 bhp @11.000rpm without the race kit installed.

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