Top Five Second Hand Bargains

First time riders or people who simply don’t need the best things in town to put a smile on their face have nowadays a broad range of used motorcycle from almost all categories. Many bikes built from mid the 90s all the way to late 2000s can be found at bargain prices. If your are on the look for a second hand motorcycle, you may want to check our top 5 deals.

Honda CBF 600 Hornet 

The Hornet was really a successful bike and today it can be found at bargain prices. The Japanese middleweight roadster did not shined in specific areas but was rather e perfect balance between maneuverability, versatility reliability. It can be used for commuting and city rides but also for weekend fun. The Hornet was also beginner friendly. Engine developed around 100bhp and needed high rpm to make it dance. In 2007  the 600 Hornet gained fuel injection and a new design. Problems were rare and fuels consumption was acceptable. Today it can be found for a price between 1300 and 3500 Euros depending on year and accessories.

Honda Hornet 13  1

Yamaha Virago 535

The Yamaha Virago 535 was the perfect choice for those who wanted to have that Harley image but could not afford to pay for that American authenticity. The 535 Virago was powered by a small and simple air cooled  V-Twin that most of the time was trouble free. Power was around 40 bhp but was enough to push the small cruiser on decent speeds. Also transmission was shaft drive making the Virago simple to maintain. Chrome tends to peal if not looked after though. The Yamaha Virago can be purchased for prices between 1400 and 2500 euros. Highly recommended for beginners and girls.



Suzuki DL650 V-Strom 2004-2011

The V-Strom was launched in 2004 when the adventure market begin to grow significantly. The V-Strom was the perfect workhorse if you did not want to sell an arm and leg to buy a BMW R1200GS. The fuel injected V-Twin developed around 67bhp and although being a heavy bike, it can easily tour two up without to much problems. Reliability was spot on. Also a countless  accessories are available in order to set the V-Strom for a world tour. Although it did not shined off-road, the DL650 compensated with its touring capabilities. The 650 V-Strom can be found at prices between 2500 and 4000 euros depending on year and accessories. Highly recommended for people who like eating miles.


Honda CBR 600F

The CBR 600(not to be mistaken with the RR) was more of a sport-tourer then a super sport. Position of riding was more relaxed in comparison with an R6 for example although power-wise, the CBR 600F was sitting under the line drawn by the R6 or the GSX-Rs of the day. In its favor, the CBR was reliable and good enough for a track day or two. Also it was more versatile then other dedicated speed machines. Some people even toured long distances on them. The CBR600 can be purchased for prices between 1500 and 3000 euros.

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Kawasaki KLR 650

The Kawasaki KLR 650 is in production since Rob Halford had hair. The KLR is truly the king of dual sport motorcycles. It can be used from touring and some off-road fun to day to day riding. The engine was low tuned and power was not impressive(around 40bhp) but it did not complained on anything. The KLR 650 is a rugged piece of machinery that will take you anywhere. If you are not in a hurry that is. Second hand prices start from around 2000 euros and climb gradually depending on year and accessories. Also, the KLR tends to hold its resale value pretty well.


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