Bad luck for Vicory Project 156

The Victory Project 156 that was built in collaboration with Roland Sands has suffered a major crash during testing for the famous Pikes Peak hill-climb race. The crash was so severe that the sub frame was bent drastically. Also the main frame , and gas tank suffered from the unfortunate accident among others. The bike needed strip down in order to replace the damaged parts.


Good news is that rider Don Canet was not seriously injured and managed to walk away from the crash.

Don Canet stated: As I was going up the mountain I lost the front end under braking, asphalt temperature was extremely low and, counter intuitively, I think the tire was getting colder as the run went on.”

Also bike builder Roland Sands commented the unfortunate event: “Yea. She’s seen better days…. the crash destroyed the sub-frame, ignition, wiring loom, gas tank, exhaust, frame, foot controls, front disc, shock, linkage, engine plates and more.”


For the time being the team is focusing on making it to the starting grid but both Victory and Sands look confident that things will go as planed.


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