Beginner Rider Vs Powerful Motorcycle

Many novice riders have been attracted to powerful motorcycles. Also many of them chose big displacement bikes as their first motorbikes . Is it really a bad idea for a beginner to start riding on a powerful motorcycle or is it just a myth? 


Many people say that you control the throttle and not the other way around and therefore if you are careful enough with the acceleration you should be completely fine. And while this is not entirely false, there are many other aspects that need to be remembered while riding a motorcycle, especially super sports.

As a beginner, you may get used with the throttle pretty quickly and after two weeks you may think that 0 to 60 mph in 3-4 seconds is something quite natural. But beside the brutal amount of power, a Yamaha R1 for example has other tricks in its sleeve that can surprise an experienced rider.


Usually alongside a powerful engine a good amount of stopping power can be found. On a non ABS motorcycle, locking the front wheel can be done without to much effort. A lot of novice riders found them selves landing on their heads while squeezing the brake levers to hard. Also, many super sports have a small turning angle and therefore city traffic can be more challenging . Add to all this the stress caused by traffic and a position of riding that doesn’t suits anything except for a track and you may have a perfect buy klonopin online cheap recipe for disaster.

Also, riding on twisties can be challenging when lack of experience meets performance. Powerful brakes and tons of torque can be deadly if you don’t know how the motorcycle reacts in corners.


But you don’t have to be on a Super Duke in order to get one moth in hospital. Big displacement cruisers can be just as dangerous for a beginner. This is mainly due to the fact that big cruisers are extremely heavy motorcycles. Also don’t let yourself fooled by the big porky look. A 1800cc V-twin can tow a small trailer without even blinking.

Many riders will probably tell you that they know a guy who started on a GSX-R 1000 and he is perfectly fine. While this may be very true, the above statement is just like saying: ,,I know a guy who served in Iraq and he came back home safe and sound. Iraq is a pretty safe place to spend your vacation”.


Nowadays as technology progressed, novice riders have a big amount of bikes to chose from. And while ten or twenty years ago many small capacity bikes looked quite dull and ugly, today , beginner  friendly motorcycles look quite sweet. It is much better to start learning on a motorcycle where you can use up to 70% of its abilities than on a beast where you may use around 20% of all it has to offer.


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