Harley-Davidson Live-wire: Where to?

Harley-Davidson has made quite an impression with the announcement of the Electric Live Wire Project. HD even offered extensive test runs for the mass public in order to receive feedback from the audience. And while many Harley enthusiasts were skeptical about an electric bike, feedback was quite positive.


Many riders appreciated the immense linear torque that the electric motor developed. Harley-Davidson even claimed that although the Live Wire will put an accent on sound. But Harley Davidson’s CEO, Matt Levatich currently stated that the the Live Wire will not enter in production at least for two years. This is mainly due to the fact of current battery technology. In fact many people said that autonomy is the main reason why they will not consider an electric powered motorcycle in the near future. Harley-Davidson stated that a minimum range of 100 miles needs to be achieved before the Live Wire Project will enter production. Also HD states that this will not take place after 2020.

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