Honda CB900R to be announced

Honda is preparing a retro style sport bike named CB900R for 2016. The new bike is based on the 2007 concept bike CB1100R .

For now it is just a rumour, but Japanese magazine Young Machine have front paged this story on their latest issue. The magazine says that the Honda CB900R will be a production motorcycle based on the CB1100R concept presented in 2007 at the Tokyo show. At the time, the concept bike was very appreciated, but the economic crisis that follow shortly after the motorcycle show put an end to the development plans for a production version.


According to Young Machine, Honda’s new model will probably have an air-cooled four-cylinder 900 cc engine. Reducing the engine displacement from 1100 cc to 900 cc may create a higher-revving power unit. The paint scheme should bring an homage to the Honda CB1100R produced between 1981 – 1983.

All we can do for now is wait and see if Honda is serious about the CB900R, but history tells us that Young Machine has a high record on its Japanese model scoops. And if we take into account the huge popularity of the Honda CB1100R concept back in 2007 and the ever-increasing numbers of vintage motorcycles on the market, it is likely to see a production version soon.



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