Ducati going strong on sales

For the first six months of 2015 Ducati have managed to sell no less than  32,600 units. With this number Ducati has managed to increase its numbers by 22%. 2015 was the year of sale records for the Italian manufacturer and there are no signs things are going to change any time soon.


In Italy alone sales have increases by 51% in the last six months. Spain has also managed an increase of +38% while in UK in the first half of 2015 sales reached an increase of +36%.

The leading star of Ducati is now the world famous Scrambler who was extremely well welcomed by the motorcycle community.community. Ducati claims that around 9000 Scrambler units were sold in the last six months. Also 4700 Multistradas, 3700 Monster 821s and around 3000 Ducati Panigales helped the Italian manufacturer to brake record after record.

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