Honda Focuses on Electric Motorcycles

Japan motorcycle giant Honda is planning to develop electric bikes for its customers in Japan.

Honda mid-term plan is to develop electric bikes, “electric motorcycles that meet local needs” as they say, in both developed and emerging markets according to The company will start with customers in Japan, offering them the possibility to use electric motorcycles on a lease basis. These models will have higher-specs than chinese models and they will be more technologically-advanced compared to the chinese versions.


Chinese customers will be given the opportunity to actually buy electric Hondas. Perhaps, these bikes will be cheaper, simpler, more basic models. In China, the market for cheap electric scooters is established at this buy ativan in uk point. This is probably one reason why Honda is planning to enter it without a lease basis.

Honda has tried a leasing plan before with the EV Neo. This was lent to a total number of 100 Japanese customers back in 2010. Furthermore, Barcelona City Council used 18 bikes for a period of 12 months in 2011/2012. The 2015 plan will focus to develop a wider scale.

At this point, there is no news on an electric Honda for Europe, but who knows what the future holds for us. Probably, an electric Honda for Europe will be based on the RC-E concept.



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