Motorcycle Trends: Where to?

In the mid 90s, sport-bikes were the tool of choice for the motorized two wheels majority. Then came the year 2000 and thanks to a show named Long Way Round, Adventure bikes started to become more and more popular. By 2009 motorcycles like the BMW 1200GS had a considerable majority within motorcycle sales. Everyone dreamed about making a lifetime journey to Asia or Africa. But how are the trends nowadays?


Well, for starters almost every motorcycle manufacturer focused in the past five years on developing retro bikes. And we are not talking about heavy american classic motorcycles. We are talking about Cafe Racers and Scramblers.

Triumph already had the Bonneville in production for decades. The Boneville Thruxton and the Boneville Scrambler were already ahead of trends. But then something spectacular happened. In 2014 BMW introduced the R9T. People were amazed by the attention to detail that the Bavarian company had to offer. The BMW R9T  payed tribute to the classic German air-heads and people loved it. It was so demanded that in some countries waiting lists were formed.


One year later, Ducati also joined the party with the release of the Ducati Scrambler. The Italian Scrambler was so successful that it boosted Duacti’s sales to world time records. Light, powerful and agile, the Ducati Scrambler is one step above the Scrambler from Triumph. It comparison with it’s British counterpart, the Ducati Scrambler also implements fresh and modern lines.


Yamaha refreshed the XJR 1300 model giving it a more Cafe Racer approach. There are also rumors that speculate a Cafe Racer version of the highly popular MT-07.

Also it seems BMW will launch a Scrambler line-up to complete with Ducati’s queen. Also Honda will launch the CB900R. The CB900R will pay tribute to the 1970s race bikes.


Royal Enfield also joined the game with a Cafe model. Smaller companies as well started to develop Cafe Racers or Scramblers in limited numbers adding exclusivity to the trend. People who just can’t afford a genuine British or Italian brand new bike are going for second hand CB750s that chop and customize themselves. It seems that no matter what direction you look, everyone plays the classic European card. And for the time being the public adores this dance.


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