Indian Black Bullet Scout concept

The Indian Black Bullet Scout is astonishing to look at. The Black Bullet Scout is the result of a collaboration between Indian Motorcycles and custom builder Jeb Scolman. Scolman is no stranger of Indian projects as he designed and manufactured the famous Spirit Of Munro, a tribute to the famous land speed record-man Burt Munro.


Like the ,,Spirit Of Munro”, the Black Bullet pays tribute to speed machines from the past. Instead of using the highly appreciated ThunderStroke111 engine from the Chief lineup, the Black Bullet is powered by the 1200cc power-plant from the Scout. Design wise, the Bullet really stands up to its name. The position of riding is aggressive and hardly usable for anything else than the Bonneville salt race track famous for its land speed records.


The Indian Black Bullet Scout concept bike will appear at the Sturgis Bike Week 2015.


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