Honda May Work On a Two-Stroke Engine Design

Honda seems to be working on a fuel-injected two-stroke engine.

The motorcycle giant Honda has patented a two-stroke engine according to Morebikes. In figure 1, numbers 70, 71, 74 show a fuel injection system mounted quite low in the cylinder. This result in fuel being sprayed into the chamber and launched over the second scavenger port in the cylinder.


Due to this design, fuel flows with precision into the chamber leading to a clean burn. As a result, Honda’s new two-stroke engine runs with low fuel emissions, most likely Euro 4 standards. Furthermore, the fuel is used for cooling inside the cylinder, thus  increasing engine efficiency.


At this point, we don’t have any information about engine displacement or architecture. Nor if Honda’s new two-stroke motorcycle will be a road version of the famous NSR500 MotoGP prototype. But as always, time will tell if we’re witnessing what will later be a road going NSR500.




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