Suzuki Hybrid Sports Bike Coming

Suzuki has patented a semi-automatic hybrid sports bike.

Suzuki is making preparations for an inline-four engine hybrid sports bike. The motorcycle will have a second electric engine and semi-automatic transmission. The frame looks similar to a GSX-R1000 superbike while the overall dimensions match a 600 cc bike. The petrol engine is a conventional inline-four, but above the crank case and behind the cylinder heads, Suzuki has fitted an electric motor. Probably, this will be the future of superbikes as it is the case with supercars. In recent years we all saw hybrid supercars such as LaFerrari from Ferrari, Porsche 918 or McLaren P1.


The electric engine (number 43 in the diagram) can power the bike all by itself or it can help the petrol engine to increase overall power. The battery (number 32) is mounted under the seat. It looks small, so probably the electric engine’s purpose is to be used inside the city. Suzuki’s hybrid sports bike is clutchless thanks to the semi-automatic transmission. Gear changes are electronic rather than mechanical and shifting is still traditional using a left-foot lever.


The right handlebar has a switch that allows the motorcyclist to choose what engine to use. It seems like Suzuki is on to something and probably this hybrid sports bike will make it to production, but most likely it will take years to develop.





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