Yamaha XSR-700 Revealed

Yamaha has just revealed the highly anticipated XSR-700. The retro look roadster is based on the already existing MT-07 platform. With the addition of the XSR-700, Yamaha continues the sport heritage trend along the XV-950 Bolt and XJR-1300. 


The Yamaha XSR-700 also features a number of components that resemble with the XJR and the Bolt. The speedometer looks quite a bit like the one used on the bold wile the side panels look pretty similar with the ones fitted on the XJR 1300.


Also the XSR-700 has some custom blood in it being inspired from Shinya Kimura’s Faster Sons creation. Unique touches like the detailed seat, stop light and headlight give the bike a classic feel.

The XSR-700 shares the same 689cc  parallel twin engine as the ,,old” MT-07 and has a power output of 75bhp. Handlebars are wide and give the bike an overall scrambler-ish appeal. Aluminum is widely used with the headlight bracket, fuel tank and fender being built out of it.


The new Yamaha XSR-700 will be available starting November  2015. If Yamaha will follow the same pricing recipe as with the MT-07, the XSR-700 will be a guaranteed success.

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