Honda Africa Twin 2016. Here are the techspecs

Honda Africa Twin 2016 has a 232 kg wet weight and the inline twin is capable of 93 hp, according to some technical data leaked online.

The specifications were published „by mistake“ on Honda Portugal website. Right in a moment, they were pulled back, but one of the Africa Twin forum members was quick enough to make a Print Screen. So, let’s see how Africa Twin 2016 looks like.

Maximum Power: 94 horsepower@ 7.500 rpm

Maximum Torque: 98 NM @ 6.000 rpm

Wet Weight: 228 kg (232 ABS, 242 DCT)

Fuel tank: 18,8 l

Seat height: 870/850 mm

Front tire: 90/90 – R21

Rear tire: 150/70 R 18

If the specs leaked online are correct, it means that the new Africa Twin is only 5 kg lighter than KTM 1190 Adventure and only 6 kg lighter than BMW R 1200 GS which both have bigger and more powerful engines. That means Africa Twin can’t compete with KTM and BMW on tarmac.

On the other hand, it’s very important how agile is the new Africa Twin, the electronics and the mass centralization. Regarding the electronics, it will have a three-level traction control and switchable ABS.

A real advantage in the class will be the front wheel (21 inches compared to 19 – KTM & BMW). Moreover, it has a high ground clearance.

We have to wait to be sure that those technical specifications are correct. Also, another important thing is the price, yet to be announced.

africa twin techspecs


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