Honda Africa Twin 2015: Where does it fit?

A lot of talk started since the new Honda Africa Twin 2015  was finally revealed. But as soon as the specs were available the motorcycle community split in two. On one hand there were the die hard fans applauding Honda’s new star and on the other hand there were the critics claiming that new Africa is simply a bit behind its main competitors.

16YM CRF1000L Africa Twin

Honda claims that the new Africa Twin 2015 will have three distinctive weight variations: 228 kg for the standard model, 232 kg for the ABS version and 242 kg for the DCT model. These numbers apply for wet weight. This means the new Africa is only a few kilograms lighter then the R1200GS.

Does this means the new Honda Africa Twin is just a Varadero in new cloths with a few bells and whistles? It really depends how mass weight is balanced and centralized. Also we need to see how shocks perform both on and off road. The Varadero suffered from a soft front end but we doubt this is the case of the new Africa Twin.

16YM CRF1000L Africa Twin

Power-wise the new Africa Twin 2015 features a 1000cc fresh parallel twin engine that can develop 94 bhp at 7500RPM and 98Nm at 6000RPM. This is more than enough to power the adventure bike across continents but is a bit less than what the slightly bigger R1200GS can develop.

This is more like Suzuki’s V-Strom 1000 league. But in comparison with the V-Strom Honda has some good cards up its sleeve. It features a 21 inch buy valium no prescription front spoke wheel. This gives it a better edge in off-road use. Also ground clearance is bigger on the Africa Twin. The Honda seems to be factory fitted also with a sturdy bash plate for a more aggressive off road usage.


Honda claims that the 18.8 litter fuel tank can last about 400km so it’s up there with the rest of the big boys. There are also a number of electronic systems like three driving modes and switchable traction control and ABS.

The price tag of the new Africa Twin will be around 12.100 euros for the base model. This increase while different systems are added when purchasing the bike.

So far so good. If Honda could have manged to reduce the weight a bit more it would really have been a apparition within the big adventure bikes. If suspensions work well and if the comfort will be on par with its competitors, the new Honda Africa Twin could really develop a huge fan base just like the XRV 750 did back in the early 90s.

16YM CRF1000L Africa Twin

In the end we can’t help asking ourselves: Is it all this a bit to less to late? We just need to see how it performs on the road against its main rivals. But we are sure the Honda Africa Twin will really perform like a ,,True Adventure”. As we have seen so many times, initial specs can be misleading.

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