2016 Victory Empulse TT revealed. Price & Specs

Here’s the first Victory electric motorcycle. It’s named Empulse TT. Wait, it souds familiar. And looks familiar. Of course, because it’s just a Brammo Empulse R with very few differences.

It’s no secret that Polaris (which also owns Victory) acquired Brammo’s electric motorcycle business. So this rebranded model shouldn’t make a surprise. However, there are some differences between Victory Empulse TT and Brammo Empulse R.

The battery is 10% larger (10.4 kWh nominal), the rear wheel has a rubber cush drive, the rear tire is narrower (160 instead of 180), and it’s got another seat.


The MSRP base price for US is $20.000. The battery fully charges in 3,9 hours. Victory says that this is the fastest charging battery on the market.

In fact, the Victory/Brammo Empulse R is the street version of Empulse RR, which was ridden by Guy Martin at Isle of Man TT Zero. So it’s got some pretty advanced tech specs: the inverted fork and rear suspension are adjustable, it’s got lightweight cast aluminium wheels and the dual disc Brembo brakes go from 30-0 Mph in 45 feet.

It’s got a 213 Kg (470 LB) dry weight and the engine makes 54 horsepower. The maximum speed is 161 km/h. Victory Empulse TT is fitted with Continental Sport Attack II.

Victory-Empulse-TT-01 Victory-Empulse-TT-03 Victory-Empulse-TT-08 Victory-Empulse-TT-09 Victory-Empulse-TT-14 Victory-Empulse-TT-15 Victory-Empulse-TT-16 Victory-Empulse-TT-18 Victory-Empulse-TT-19 Victory-Empulse-TT-20 Victory-Empulse-TT-21 Victory-Empulse-TT-22


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