Largest Women motorcycle gathering to set world record

Around 600 women riders are willing to set a world record for the largest gathering for girls on two wheels. The event will take place on 16th of August and will be displayed at London Ace Cafe in the United Kingdom. 

Sherrie Woolf, one of the organizers, explained that the gathering intends to raise awareness about the increasing number of female riders in the United Kingdom.


Sherrie Wolf: ,,The female section is usually lacking in options and often the quality is lesser than the male counterparts. Sizing is also a huge problem that could be resolved with quite simple solutions. It’s time to realize that women are no longer just sitting on the back of the men’s bikes, we’re buying our own and using them for touring, off-roading, track days and commuting, just like the guys.”

Maria Costello, best known for participating in the Tourist Trophy event is also going to attend the event.
The last women gathering record was set last year in Australia when 221 girls managed to ride together.

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