Robbie Maddison Surfs the Waves on His Motorcycle in Pipe Dream

Robbie Maddison used his KTM motorcycle to surf the water in his latest stunt, Pipe Dream.

You probably know Robbie “Maddo” Maddison from jumping with his bike from a sky ramp, jumping bombers in his AIR.CRAFT stunt, jumping the Arc de Triomphe, pulling a backflip over the Tower Bridge of London and lets not forget about the Corinth Canal jump in Greece.

He launched a football field-sized jump in Las Vegas, becoming the first rider to ever break the 300-foot barrier, something that Evel Knievel himself thought to be impossible. He even made a 378-ft. leap over the San Diego Harbor with Levi LaVallee. To put it short, if there is a jump you thought impossible to pull, most likely Robbie Maddison already done it.


Maddo developed a bike that can ride on the changing surface of the sea. It uses skis and a special design rear tire made for tackling sand dunes or waves in this case. No less than 30 bikes were used until the final machine was developed, a two-stroke KTM 250SX that can float on the sea. In case of a crash, Robbie Maddison can trigger a C02-powered airbag to keep the bike from sinking. Hopefully, it was not the case for this stunt. The video is called Pipe Dream and is an old vision of Maddo that he wanted to achieve, surfing the waves on his KTM motorcycle.


After the big wave in the end of the video, Robbie explained for Transworld Motocross “To be honest, when I saw that wave closing in on me, I thought that it could have been the end. As I was sucked under the water, I did my best to remain calm, but the thought that it could have been the end of me was racing through my head. It’s as close to a near-death experience as I’ve ever come. But even as I was being dragged onto the Jet Ski when I finally surfaced, I was thinking that the whole project was a success. You’ve got to push your limits to learn where they actually are.”



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