Yamaha to Launch a MT-09 Powered Offroad Side-by-Side

Yamaha Europe released a teaser video of a sporty off-road side-by-side destined for the European market.

Yamaha’s new machine is made for the European market and probably the American market as well. The interesting fact is that the four-wheeled desert machine features a three-cylinder engine. We all know Yamaha’s range of motorcycles and the only power unit with ambien no prescription free three-cylinders is bolted on the MT-09 model (or FZ-09 for the American market).


After the MT-09 and MT-09 Tracer, Yamaha seems to have found another use for its three-cylinder engine and we couldn’t be happier. Now, we have to settle for this video until the Japanese motorcycle manufacturer unveils the sporty off-road side-by-side .


Yamaha-three-cylinder-side-by-side-02 Yamaha-three-cylinder-side-by-side-05 Yamaha-three-cylinder-side-by-side-07

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