Electric ,,Goldwing”….Made In China

Chinese companies are notorious for stealing designs from famous manufacturers and putting their badge on it. This time, Chinese company Jiangsu Xinri managed quite a stunt with a new design patent for an electric motorcycle. So far, so good, only the design resembles quite a bit with the legendary Honda GL-1800 Goldwing.

We have seen electric sport bikes and electric roadster motorcycles where performance is quite phenomenal. The only issue with electric powered bikes is the short autonomy. This is why building a long distance touring electric motorcycle is something out of this world for the time being. Yet Jiangsu Xinri pulled out a patent for such a vehicle.

Where Honda’s six cylinder engine would normally be, it seems Jiangsu Xinri will install electric batteries. No other details are out yet and we don’t know when the Chinese ,,Wing” will see daylight at this point.

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