CARB Certifies 2016 Yamaha YZF-R1S

Yamaha will launch a new version of their famous superbike. The new motorcycle is called the Yamaha YZF-R1S.

Yamaha is preparing to add a new version of its 1000cc superbike. The California Air Resources Board has certified the YZF-R1S as a 2016 model according to Together with the R1 and R1M, the new bike will probably be a lower-spec R1 more street-oriented. Back in January 2014, Yamaha filed trademarks for R1S and R1M, but the S version never came to life . Now it seems like for 2016 the Iwata manufacturer will introduce the YZF-R1S to the family.

The CARB executive order offers six Yamaha R1 for 2016 and the last two models are listed as YZFR1SGCGY and YZFR1SGCW. Because of this, it is likely that the Yamaha R1S to be a lower spec version.


Yamaha’s CARB certifications use different letter codes for color options and trims. The six motorcycles are coded “YZFR1″ so this means they are the R1 we all know. Yamaha adds a letter to represent the model year, in this case the letter G for 2016 (the 2015 used the letter F, 2014 used E, and so on). The letter C stands for California model and then the last letters represent the colour scheme.

Back in 2015, Yamaha used letters such as YZFR1FCB (black R1), YZFR1FCL (blue R1), YZFR1FCR (red R1) and YZFR1MFC (R1M). Taking all this into account, the CARB document shows the R1 in gray, yellow and blue, the R1M in an exclusive color scheme, while the R1S will be presented in gray and white.

Probably Yamaha will release information on the technical spec of the YZF-R1S pretty soon.



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