Yamaha to retire the XJ-6, Fazer 8 and FZ-1 from UK

Yamaha announced that it will retire the Fazer 8, XJ-6 and FZ-1 from their lineup in the United Kingdom. According to VisorDown, it seems the decision comes due to poor sales regarding the models in cause. The decision is reflected on Yamaha’s UK online website where the three models are no longer listed.


Rumors state that this decision is due to the big success of the MT line-up. And we are talking here about the best selling MT-07 along with the MT-09. Both models were highly appreciated by bickers around the world and UK was no exception.  However, at the moment Yamaha seems to keep the XJ-6 , the FZ-1 and the Fazer 8 on their catalog for the rest of Europe.

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